Let us help you build your dream itinerary. Whether that includes yoga at dawn with breathtaking views, surf lessons at coconut cove alongside world class instructors, hikes into local villages or sunset massages overlooking miles of Nihiwatu Beach on the Indian ocean coastline, we are here to create bespoke experiences that cater to your passions and interests.


Direct flights from Lima to Talara, Piura & Tumbes

Step 1

Take one of these flights:

Lima - Talara (1h 40m) 

Lima - Piura (1h 35m)

Lima - Tumbes (1h 50m)

Step 2

Rent a car or take a taxi to Wak'a Villa

Talara - Wak'a Villa (1h 10m) 

Piura - Wak'a Villa (2h 50m)

Tumbes - Wak'a Villa (2h 25m)

Direct bus from Lima to Organos & Mancora

Step 1

Take one of these buses:

Lima - Organos (18h) 

Lima - Mancora (17h 45m)

Step 2

Take a taxi to Wak'a Villa

Organos - Wak'a Villa (10m) 

Mancora - Wak'a Villa (25m)